Your brand efforts are brilliant. Now add the final touch with a sensory packaging experience that creates desire and drives sales. Leading cosmetic and beauty brands tell us they rely on Invercote® from Iggesund Paperboard for three main reasons.

The right white

It all starts with an elegant white. Not too blue, not too yellow. Just the "right white" to give you the widest premium color reproduction – even for those light skin tones. With Invercote, you also get a lasting white that's at least twice as resistant to light exposure, compared to other brands.

  • Excellent for light skin tones
  • Resists fading and color change
  • Highly accurate color reproduction
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The power to resist fading and color change

When creating Invercote's signature white, we asked demanding cosmetic and beauty brands what they needed most. Many wanted a lasting white that would resist fading. Others say a bluish white was attractive, but didn’t allow for accurate reproduction of light, warm tones. Invercote overcomes these challenges, ensuring accurate, wide-ranging color reproduction and lasting whiteness.

Invercote is at least twice as resistant to light exposure as comparable paperboard products.

Iggesund Paperboard R&D Team

Accurate color reproduction

Consistent and faithful color reproduction is an Invercote hallmark. One common preference today is to use a bluer shade of white. But if ink coverage is low, this blue element tends to come through – making it difficult to reproduce healthy-looking light skin tones. Fortunately, the Invercote family avoids these issues by providing a whiteness that ensures superior printability across a wide color reproduction range.

Balanced, lasting whiteness

Exposure to light can cause a packaging to fade. This is usually due to an excessive use of optical brightening agents (OBAs) in the paperboard – the chemical compounds that absorb invisible UV wavelength light and emit visible blue light. These compounds deteriorate over time, causing the shade to change. The more OBAs used, the faster the change. However, through the moderate use of patented OBAs, Invercote provides just the right light stability required to avoid fading.

The secret behind our lasting whiteness

No impurities

The starting point is to use nothing but pure virgin fiber, sourced from our own actively managed and sustainable forests. By using nature's finest ingredients, combined with advanced pulping and paperboard production technology, we get a premium white packaging material that is versatile and clean.

No dyeing agents

Many paperboard products achieve a high CIE whiteness level through the addition of large amounts of dyes. While this may result in a sample that initially looks good, it can cause the board to look dirty and adversely affect print quality. Invercote's superior whiteness means that no additional dyes are needed.

No excessive OBAs

Although we do add some optical brightening agents to the surface of the board, we do this in careful moderation. Here, a key differentiator is our use of a proprietary mixture ("secret sauce") that enhances the visual perception of whiteness while avoiding the "fade factor" associated with high levels of OBAs.

Just the perfect white

The result is a premium white shade that avoids blue tints, allowing for superb color reproduction across a wide spectrum. From sheet to sheet, you get a consistent and balanced whiteness that lasts – in both indoor and outdoor lighting. In short, just the kind of premium whiteness you'd expect of a market-leading paperboard.

Superior durability

How do you handle new designs, new inks, new foiling techniques and deep embossing – all at once? When we asked printers and converters, they referred to the outstanding dimensional stability of Invercote. Regardless of the printing or converting technique, they consistently achieved accurate registrations and superb results.

  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Up to 20 press runs or more
  • Strength in all directions
  • Handles all types of finishing
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Withstand up to 20 press runs or more

Day in and day out, from batch to batch, Invercote offers consistent post-processing properties that make it easy for designers to realize their ideas. From hot foiling to tricky film applications, this durable board has proven itself to be a forgiving material with the resilience to withstand the world's toughest printing and cartoning machines.

Invercote is great with all kinds of finishes. The more varnishing, lamination, embossing or other special effects required, the better.

Tore Manstad, Print Production Manager, Stream Nordic, Stockholm

Excellent dimensional stability

Humidity. It's the curse of many converters. That's because moisture in the surrounding air can lead to upward or downward curl and twist in the sheet, affecting the shape of the paperboard. This often leads to an unpredictable and adverse behavior in printing and converting processes. Fortunately, Invercote is created with superior raw material from slow-growing Swedish forests that allows for superior dimensional stability characteristics.

Strength in every direction

Whether your carton line is operating horizontally or vertically, from the top or side, compact or full size, you need a board that provides strength in all directions. Surface strength is needed for embossing, laminating and foiling. Tear strength in all directions is essential for the tuck-in flap closure. Compression strength is needed to protect the packaged product. Invercote scores highly in all these areas due to its multi-layer construction and a good combination of both long and short fibers.

Why Invercote can handle the pressure

Superior raw materials

As one of Sweden's largest forest owners, we can ensure access to the very highest quality of pure virgin fiber. Invercote is a triple-layer board that combines a primary core of long fibers (pine and spruce), with an outer layer of shorter fiber (birch). This combination of various fiber mixes in layers allows for superior strength and toughness, without compromising on surface properties.

Read more about our commitment to sustainability.

Excellent tear strength

Pick up a sheet of Invercote and try to rip it. It's a lot more difficult than one might think regardless of what direction you tear. In fact, tests show that Invercote offers superior tearing strength, compared to other brands. Not only is this a prerequisite for good packaging, but it directly affects how it performs in the various stages of converting and filling.

Superb surface strength

Your paperboard needs good surface strength to withstand all the forces applied to it during printing and finishing. All those inks, varnishes and foils need a pure surface that's both strong enough to withstand force and easy to adhere to. This is a vital parameter on which Invercote consistently performs, thanks to the use of more short fibers in the outer layer as well as deep knowledge and continuous development of coating formulations.

High compression strength

When transporting, stacking or storing boxes, you need a paperboard that can handle the forces of compression loading. With Invercote, our usage of a high-density chemical pulp, with more long fibers in the middle layer, contributes directly to high compression strength levels. It may even enable you to reduce the weight of your package while still maintaining performance levels. Don't hesitate to ask our experts for advice on the optimal material to protect your product.

Designer freedom

With Invercote, the only limit to packaging design is your own imagination. It can be shaped, bent, cut and formed like few other paperboard products. Deep and narrow creases can be achieved in all grain directions, whether straight or curved. Detailed embossing is also painless. Or why not take advantage of our surface-enhancement products and add a metallic finish for even more impact?

  • Can be folded thousands of times
  • Handles deep and narrow creases
  • Detailed well-defined embossing
  • Customized metallic finishes
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Create luxury packaging 
that engages all the senses

Whatever shape you're imagining, it's good to know that Invercote is virtually indestructible when it comes to bending and tearing. In fact, this pliable, three-layer board offers virtually unlimited structural design possibilities. Do you need a customized metallic effect? Let’s talk. Our own finishing mill offers the addition of all kinds of films and foils, bringing unexpected new value to the consumer experience.

The superb quality of Invercote offers endless design possibilities in terms of appearance, form and function.

Herwig Bischof, Founder of b.packaging, Thüringen, Germany Carton of the Year Winner 2015 – ProCarton ECMA Awards for Legart Forschungsateller skin care products.

Shape it your way

Who says a square box can't be oval? Or mimic the shape of a handbag? Today, hundreds of leading brands are using Invercote to do the impossible, creating sensory packaging experiences in a class of their own. Thanks to Invercote's pliability and structural strength, they create clever custom shapes that surprise and delight consumers at the point-of-sale. Combined with color and various finishing techniques, Invercote is opening new possibilities for next-century packaging.

Add your own finish

You know your "brand feeling" and the usual finishing options. But have you fully explored the power of surface enhancements to communicate the brand promise of your product? The trouble is that great finishes don't work without a great surface underneath. By using PE as an adhesive, for example, you get an extremely smooth metalized surface with a better mirror effect in the metalized surface, compared to other options. We make this easy by providing top-quality advice and products through our in-house Strömsbruk Mill finishing services.

How Invercote gives you better design possibilities

Superior strength and resilience

Imagine this. A single sheet of Invercote can be bent, creased and folded several thousand times without breaking. How is this possible? The secret lies in its superior tensile strength, tearing resistance, delamination strength and compression strength. Together, these properties give you a rugged paperboard that allows for intricate, well-defined embossing and complex structural shapes. It's resilient enough to avoid permanent deformation of deep and narrow creases, thus retaining the desired shape. All of these features are a result of Invercote's multi-layer construction with its different mixes of long and short fibers.

Unlimited finishing possibilities

Think of our mill in Strömsbruk, Sweden as your own custom resource for special finishing needs. Here we provide additional finishing on our paperboard from our mills in Iggesund, Sweden, and Workington in the UK. The paperboard is coated with different kinds of plastic, laminated with films and foils or glue laminated into higher grammage ranges. So why not let us support you?

New value-added products

We are constantly innovating new types of paperboard or special grades for the cosmetics, food and other industries. Take Invercote G, for example, which features a light coating on the reverse side, allowing for dual-side printing while maintaining the feel of an uncoated board. All of our value-added products are designed with your needs in mind, to ensure stunning consumer appeal and optimal results.

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